France in film — My new top 3 list


On my favorite bridge: Pont Neuf

Ok, I, along with countless million other people, adore Paris and France.  I’ve created a new top 3 list of my favorite all time films involving France, spoken French, or a French character.  It’s a new list, because I’ve only just seen the breathtaking Sarah’s Key.  (Yes, I know some consider it to be a flawed film based on flawed book, but l loved it nonetheless and shamelessly cried all the way through it.  It also helped me to understand how WWII still affects French culture today, as it does all of us whether we realize it or not.)

So, drum roll please…here they are, not in no particular order

1)  Sarah’s Key, as I mentioned.

2)  Babette’s feast — moving tale by Isac Denison (Karen Blixon) about a woman who sacrifices all to provide a life giving feast to her rather dour benefactors.  I see images of the Lord’s supper in this.

3)  Joyeux Noel — based on true incident in WWI when German, French, and Scots troops connected over singing Silent Night in their respective  trenches during a Christmas Eve truce in WWI.




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