Words of Praise

I love Mary’s song of praise in Luke 1. When reading it recently, it made me think of an example from my life.

My son and daughter-in-law will soon be traveling through Europe with friends of theirs. My daughter-in-law commented that their friends are great people to travel with, because they are so grateful. She sees them as being the most thankful people she has known.

That was food for thought. It is so much more fun to go on a trip with people who are thankful and who enjoy their experiences. It’s not so fun to be with people who complain a lot and who find fault with even the loveliest of people or places or things.

Hmm…that makes me wonder what kind of traveling companion I am on the journey through life. Do I make the trip more enjoyable for others or do I bring them down?

Praise and gratitude — they make all the difference.


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