Christ’s Blood is Thicker than Water — The Spoken Word from Imani Rhema

Greater love has no woman than this:
That someone lay down her life for her Friend
I know that to some this level of commitment may sound strange
So it’s definitely a subject we must entertain
We may be accustomed to
A backbiting cussing fighting
Argumentative jealous friend
That’s competitive and comparing
Always taking more than sharing friend
Lying stealing wheeling and dealing
Total disregard for your feelings friend
Character corrupting
Callous and disrupting friend
And maybe that’s what some of us were
And then
We were confronted with the blood and cried out to be born again
Never to be alone thru the storm again
Transformed by the renewal of our hearts and minds
Becoming non-conformists
No longer spiritually malnourished
Hunger filled by the spirit Quenched by the living water
God’s daughter.
With the responsibility to Slaughter the myths that tell us
“Women are hard to get along with!”
“Never trust your girlfriends further than you can see them!”
No,no, no! We can switch
To honest from godless
From heathen to goddess
From tactless to modest.
The “church” is just brick and mortar.
The CHURCH is within her.
Her house in order
A scripture WALKING not just talking
Gossip-balking friend
Never condescending,
Always-can-depending friend
Jesus representing
Money lending or just giving friend
Seeking to amending
Apologizing for offending
Anniversary remembering friend.
Recipe recommending
Toddler babysitting
Hand in hand ascending
Fighting-to-the-ending friend
A GodSend.
And that’s what we all can be for our friends.
True friends. Girlfriends.
Or simply SISTERS.
And yes Christ’s blood IS thicker than water.
God’s Daughters.

I hope you enjoyed this poem for the spoken word by my friend, Imani Rhema (Glenda Toliver). Here’s what she has to say about her writing:

“I was born and raised in East Nashville. I was restored back to God in 2009. Imani is a name with East African/Middle Eastern origins that translates into Faith, and strong belief. Rhema means prophetic spoken word, or literally the words of Jesus. Since my poetry is primarily inspired by God’s Word, I did some research, and discovered that these were the names I want to represent me as a writer! Glenda Toliver is my given name. I started writing short stories, poetry, and songs at age 12. My father encouraged me to read and write as a small child. I had to read 4 books a week growing up, and had to write down, or tell my dad a chapter of a book I was reading everyday before I could go outside to play. I’m inspired by my experiences as a Christian single woman to write about pieces of my life journey, hoping to encourage other women. I have a collection of poetry on various topics including surviving domestic violence, being a being godly friend, and Christ’s crucifixion. I am releasing a spoken word album, “My Sister’s Keeper”, on 12/12/12″

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