Moloch Shatters

pexels-photo-613431.jpegYou pick the pulp still clinging to our teeth,

Your tiny molars crunch the seeds, while thorns grow beneath your baby feet.

Creation groans, and you cry, too, wails that will not be silenced.

“Hush! It does not matter,” we say, absently.

Beauty we know, and it is good, but glory, we have forgotten. We do the best we can.  We clutch you to our marble breasts, and we distract you with shiny medals.

We confine you in pens of atoms. We swaddle you in Self, pulling the bindings ever more tightly, until your horizon is only as far as your own fingertips. We read to you only of things that we can measure, of facts and of formulas and of codes. We sing to you of things under the sun, of bureaucracies and of greed, of pain and of pleasure.  We show you a form, but nots it’s power.  Wisdom we lack, but knowledge — sweet knowledge — that, we can give you.

You do not answer. With heads bowed, you mine for truth in the caverns of trolls.

Listen, children! Lips move. Chests puff. Piano keys splinter apart.  Cymbals clang.

Watch! Some sad thing crouches by the stairs, but we do not see.  It follows you through long, cold halls, to the place where Cain stares into Abels’s eyes.

Moloch laughs.

“What have we done?” we cry.  “We meant only to keep you safe, tucked inside our concrete walls.”

On Golgotha’s dome, Love weeps

Tears of blood and mercy.

Love with atoms, mingled together, spirit and matter,

Measured and immeasurable, knowledge and wisdom,

Seen and unseen, full of glory,

Love rises from a garden tomb, and Moloch shatters.

Look, children! There is Life.

Flee to him, and be reborn.











































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Cleo Comments

via Cleo Comments

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Peonies, Poodles, and Motivation

Video post by @Merryrose31a.

Source: Peonies, Poodles, and Motivation

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Oh, Tennessee!

Source: Oh, Tennessee!

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Church bells beyond the stars heard….

Prayer, the churches banquet, Angels age, 

God’s breath in man returning to his breath,

The soul in paraphrase, heart in pilgrimage,

The Christian plummet sounding Heav’n and earth….

…church bells beyond the stars heard,the soul’s blood,

The land of spices, something understood.

Excerpt from poem by George Herbert (1593 – 1633)

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 Kindle EditionAre you a fan of historical fiction?  If so, I’d love to gift you with a Kindle e-copy of my novel,  A Tree Firmly Planted, in exchage for an honest review on  This offer is for the first five people to email me at

A Tree Firmly Planted, which developed out of my prize winning proposal (Authorlink’s New Author Contest 2001), is the first in my series, “A Tennessee Trilogy”.  This novel follows the Blair family from shortly before the Civil War to the 1870’s.    It is serious historical ficiton with some spiritual themes.

Happy Reading!

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Loving this quote: the beauty of real


In a world of technology, we often forget to live in what is real.  I walk out every day in the fresh air, breathing in the color and the calm that God has placed in my life…But to enjoy nature, I must make myself pay attention to waht surrounds me daily and take time to enjoy and admire the beauty God has granted us through what He has made.

by Sally Clarkson

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