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Peonies, Poodles, and Motivation

Video post by @Merryrose31a.

Source: Peonies, Poodles, and Motivation

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Oh, Tennessee!

Source: Oh, Tennessee!

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Church bells beyond the stars heard….

Prayer, the churches banquet, Angels age, 

God’s breath in man returning to his breath,

The soul in paraphrase, heart in pilgrimage,

The Christian plummet sounding Heav’n and earth….

…church bells beyond the stars heard,the soul’s blood,

The land of spices, something understood.

Excerpt from poem by George Herbert (1593 – 1633)

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 Kindle EditionAre you a fan of historical fiction?  If so, I’d love to gift you with a Kindle e-copy of my novel,  A Tree Firmly Planted, in exchage for an honest review on  This offer is for the first five people to email me at

A Tree Firmly Planted, which developed out of my prize winning proposal (Authorlink’s New Author Contest 2001), is the first in my series, “A Tennessee Trilogy”.  This novel follows the Blair family from shortly before the Civil War to the 1870’s.    It is serious historical ficiton with some spiritual themes.

Happy Reading!

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Loving this quote: the beauty of real


In a world of technology, we often forget to live in what is real.  I walk out every day in the fresh air, breathing in the color and the calm that God has placed in my life…But to enjoy nature, I must make myself pay attention to waht surrounds me daily and take time to enjoy and admire the beauty God has granted us through what He has made.

by Sally Clarkson

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Who were the Picts?

Researching my ancestry has sparked the idea for a new book which is set in the Hebrides during the first century A.D.  That has fed into hours of study about the Picts.  The result?  I’m almost as confused about their identity as when I first began.


St. Columba Altarpiece — Missionary to the Picts 

That’s not because little has been written about them.  On the contrary, these tribes of northern Scotland and of the western islands have a mysterious cachet that has captured popular imagination.  There are any number of novels, articles, movies, and studies which mention the Picts.

They, themselves, did not leave many writings, at least not many that have been identified as such and also translated.  Their contemporaries did describe them, but some of these historians may have seen the Picts through their own cultural bias.  This seems to be the case today, as well.  Various novelists or script writers present them as savage, as civilized, as pagan, as eager for the Christian truth, etc., depending on the author’s point of view.  So, it seems that the Picts (the painted people) have become a canvas on which many imaginations have drawn numerous, conflicting images.

Naturally, societies change over centuries, and I have no doubt that the Pictish culture evolved, as well.  Here again, it’s hard to nail down exactly what might have been going on in their world during the time that they were kept north of the Roman Walls.  The Picts of several centuries B.C., the Picts of Roman times, and the Picts of the late middle ages are most likely very different.  Yet, some writings do not take this into account.

Here is one lovely recent discovery about the Picts:  The Truth About the Picts.    Findings at a place called Portmahomack indicate that the Picts did, in time, create a society that was far more advanced than they have been credit for.  This society reflected not only their Christian faith, but their love of art, nature, and beauty.  I hope you will enjoy reading about these fascinating people.

Happy Reading!


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